My Introduction

Well, here goes setting up a blog with wordpress, this will be interesting.

I feel very thankful that I have two teenagers who are up to date with technology that I can call on if needed!!!

I am looking forward to learning more about ICT in the classroom and the challenges this unit will give me.



3 thoughts on “My Introduction

  1. Hi Christina, what is your BEDU specialisation area? ICT savvy teenage children are wonderful aren’t they. The interesting thing I have found is that the support I get (mostly audio and movie maker style software) was not taught them in school. I find it interesting when they connect, learn and bounce off each other without thinking.

    • Hi Sonia, my specialisation is early childhood.
      It is amazing to watch teenagers work their way around computers, ipads, phones without seeming like they are thinking about it! The stressful part is when I do ask for help they don’t have the patience that I would like them to have. Even at my work a four year old tells me how to open pages on the computer, but then part of my teaching is letting him teach me, which I don’t mind.

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