I am feeling slightly more comfortable with this unit, still worried about weather I can do this or not, but being positive that this can be done and believing that yes I can do it. I do hope I have a mentor on prac who does feel comfortable with ICT in the classroom to ‘teach’ me more, as Hayley stated in a blog, “Mentors who are whizzes”. http://hayleym86.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/about-me/#comments

“ICT when integrated into the classrooms adds immense value to the quality of teaching, making it a holistic learning experience for the pupils. It makes education student-centred, visual, time-saving and motivates the young scholars to produce creative assignments. When incorporated into the curriculum systematically, it helps the teachers in making the complicated concepts simple and easy to understand. It gives students an opportunity to become a part of the global IT village enhancing their technical and communication skills”.http://beta.dawn.com/news/659738/technology-in-the-classroom-incorporating-ict-in-education I found this to be an interesting read and it goes on to say, “This makes us wonder that if ICT can support teaching so much, then why it hasn’t been incorporated extensively in education till now. This is because many teachers treat ICT as a stand alone activity. They aren’t incorporating ICT in their lesson plans and curriculum. A number of them prefer using a white board/black board to explain the topics”.

I hope that I become a teacher who grabs ICT in the classroom with both hands.


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