A set of questions to ask myself!

I feel that it is very important for teacher to be successful learners to be able to teach children to become successful learners. In my daily work with my children I see their eagerness to learn everyday when they ‘tell’ me what game for transition for example we might do, they want to learn about letters, numeracy, colours. I think that if they are telling me then I have set up a base foundation for them to continue our interests.  I talk to the children about the plants we have in an area not accessable to us but visible through our window, since I mentioned these trees, the children each day look out and see the changes such as the flowers and then the birds or two birds, it is a very interesting subject and we have extended this into learning about what the birds are doing etc, the children always give their suggestions and ideas and then I google so we can talk about the ideas written down and what info I found. I feel it is very important that the children make their own discoveries for further learning.

“Excellent teachers have the capacity to transform the lives of students and to inspire and nurture their development as learners, individuals and citizens. They provide an additional source of encouragement, advice and support for students outside the home, shaping teaching around the ways different students learn and nurturing the unique talents of every student”.


I admit I need to learn more about the use of ICT in a classroom but I am prepared to do this as I am understanding more the importance of its use. Being able to download apps onto the ipad made me realize their is more to technology than just a smartboard in a classroom or computer time at a set time of the week.  I think maybe a positive of incorporating ICT into lessons will also ‘teach’ children that they are not just for games but can be educational and fun.

I can’t wait to finish my teaching so I can use ICT on daily basis. Unfortunately in my child care centre we have two computers with a set program we can’t go and google for example which would be fantastic!


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