Well another week completed, feeling good about this.

Getting nervous though about the artefact, can I or can’t I. I put so much pressure on myself that I wont be able to do this task or it wont be good enough, before I even start. I am enjoying learning about ICT but I don’t use it in my everyday life which I think it impacts on my confidence to understand all the things we have been told about. As I have posted before I can’t wait to be in a classroom and using ICT daily in a classroom, this will give me the confidence to achieve well. I like the scootle website which provides so many ideas for subject areas using ICT, knowing this resource is available gives me confidence.

When my children were younger we used to search the web for educational sites and we discovered so many, remembering that I can do this for lessons will be great as well and researching with the students.

I don’t know – I only hope my fears diminish more and more to feel confident using ICT on prac.


One thought on “Reflection

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