What reasons can you draw from TCK?

Reading over this I related the historian views on how historians work to a recent trip to Europe where on visiting the Colosseum our guide had an ipad and ‘built’ the Colloseum for us. It was incredible, our second guide explained that in Rome schools don’t have this technology or she didn’t and she was amazed at seeing this piece of technology to ‘build’ the Colloseum. As a student in History being able to view the Colloseum as it once was including the buildings etc underneath would be incredible. I remember looking at pictures of the Colloseum in books as a student and so wanting to ondeay see it for real. But students today can see the building for what it was with the use of ICT, I recently googled The Forum and the site brought up alot of information on ancient Rome and also a game for students to build their own city. If you love history this would be amazing, I wish this was around when I was at school. To feel like I was standing in these masterpieces that made me awe struck would have been fabulous.

TCK would bring so much to a lesson on history for example – it is exciting to learn what I will be able to bring to a classroom oneday.


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