Assignment one

Well, I feel slightly nervous and worried about the artefact, I just hope I can produce something worthwhile!

Answering the question, ‘The Organising Elements’ and the question asked could I fulfill requirements for the elements in the ICT capability, well I think I could, it is hard to sit here and learn all this ICT info, but I think when I get into the real world of a classroom, it will be second nature – well i hope! If I am teaching this everyday I think it is possible to fulfill the requirements. There is so many possibilities with ICT in the classroom and the resources available on scootle and other sites is amazing. I think it is difficult to comprehend all the info we are gathering when we work full time, have a family and are studying when time allows, all the info doesn’t sink in to the extent of when I would be ‘teaching’.

Anyway here goes my artefact!!


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