Here’s Hoping

Well I have had a productive weekend after feeling rather stressed last week about the up and coming date for assignment one to be in. I am just hoping that what I have created for my artefact will be ‘fine’.

While I was creating this I began to wonder why I feel like I can’t create anything ‘arty’. Then I remembered in high school I did art as it was compulsory, I tried my hardest to create wonderful things like the ‘arty’ people, but it never came. My grade 8 & 9 teacher were supportive and were not critical of my work. However a new school for year 10, I tried and tried but  negative comments all the way. These experiences have made me the educator I am today, I work with 3-5year olds and  a box creation, a scribble is given so much enthusiasm their their faces light up. I remind all my kids everyday that what they create and how they create it, is what is important, they don’t need to compare. I hope that by instilling this into these children they will have the confidence and belief that they are good enough and never come across a teacher like I did.

So I hope I have done ok. Time will tell and at least I had a go!!

I found this interesting link today.

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers



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