Right or Wrong?

I know we are in an ICT society and it is here to stay. But after watching the video from http://nixxuni.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/technology-effects-on-child-development, it re-enforces some of my thoughts regarding ICT and our children.

Just watching the video you could tell the difference in the babies sitting staring at an ipad compared to the two sitting with stacking blocks with wide inquisitive eyes with smiles. Doesn’t the facial expressions and body posture on those in the video indicate the differences of ICT to those without ICT appearing to be more in control of their lives. Yes ICT is here, so what it comes down to is teaching our children the safe and best practice use of these for our children to be productive, positive and self confident people.

I just know the change in my two children when we have had no ICT for one week, they are more social and happy to interact, even they have commented on the differences, but what to do when they need these for school and homework, how can you say to a year 12 student enough is enough when they have 8 assessments in two weeks!

The dilema of it all!!


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