Recently the centre I work in had a new playground created, it is wonderful, we have ‘real’ grass, garden beds, dirt patch, sand, climbing hill, the children love it. Each day they are exploring different aspects of it and the games that are created are incredible. Especially the garden beds – which appear to be good bunkers for hiding behind! Debbie Vince’s comment “I find myself having a passion for creating learning spaces which promote children’s understanding in caring for their environment, particularly connecting children with nature”, is so true when we have a real environment to explore and to have created in my case. Each day it is wonderful to wander the garden beds and talk about the plants we have growing and to see the children’s faces when they notice plants growing, some children can tell me know the names of our plants and we all know that you do not plant tomato’s where we live in winter, “Jack Frost killed them it is to cold”. Our builders planted these but it has been a good lesson for us the keep notes on what to plant when. When our deciduous plants begin to grow spring blossoms this will be an amazing topic to witness. With all this in mind I have decided and my prac placement agreed I will be doing a science unit, just what I’m not sure.


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