Getting there!

Well trying to catch up on study desk this weekend, I have found it difficult to fit it all in the past two weeks,and now I am behind and I don’t like that feeling, the pressure starts to mount. I understand the importance for this unit for us learn about the importance of ICT but when you have to keep this learning journal and be assessed on it I find this hard, some weeks with family illness, your own illness and just life you can’t do what you need to do. I don’t think in life today we need added pressures!! Just my thought, I suppose that is what this is all about!
Last week I ‘liked’ this page on facebook which a friend teaching in Scotland ‘liked’, called Teach Starter and I have found the resources on there great she uses alot of these in her ‘new’ classroom. Just one of many things I like is how they have a season poster which is especially for Australia’s seasons, it wasn’t long ago that the seasons we read about were not for our season cycle, so it is great to see more and more of these resources adapted for Australia.


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