Well this was a very interesting exercise, it made me more aware of the importance, I suppose to young people of social networking. I know I have a negative feel towards it, but it is here to stay, I use it – regularly. Why do I find it hard to accept as a positive teaching/learning/social tool? Am I afraid of it?

The four modules gave me an insight into the positives and also how to combat the negatives of  social networking and what I can do as a parent/teacher to use it in the curriculum and teach students how it can be used as a positive tool. I think it is like any of the issues brought up in study, when I am in the ‘real world’ of teaching my perspective will change – it will have to and that is ok, it is life for our children today. So thanks to connect.ed I will have many ideas and strategies to be able to help students make the right choices in their use of social networks.


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