The 5E’s

I am using the 5e’s for my unit topic as well and found this article from I think I am one of those learners who is visual and found the resource useful, I have read other ways of putting the 5E’s but thank you for adding this one in, it will be a part of my ‘toolbelt’ something I need to create for another unit of study.

I find reading and reading documents helpful but find this kind of visual resources to be more effective for my learning. I often wonder why my schooling wasn’t so great, well we all had to learn the same way the same things. For my other unit I am studying we had to describe a teacher we had who had an impact on our learning. I had a teacher from year 4 – 7 who was incredible even back in the late 70’s he saw us as individuals who learnt differently, maybe my passion for teaching came from him!!

Another amazing person who did not succeed at schooling but made it anyway through the arts quoted as below,  ‘Bruce Springsteen on Education: posted in AffinitiesDifferentiated LearningLearningSchool CultureStudent Strengths,Student Weaknesses by . This  Bruce Springsteen quote is from an old video interview, which was reported on author David Shenk’s Genius Blog. The image was put together by the folks over at We Are Teachers’.



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