I agree with Tessa, ICT and the great cull, I too have story books galore, but I love books so  I don’t think this will change. But the books and resources which I laid my hands on over 20 years ago are still sitting here being occasionally used. My mentor way back then said to me, “If you can get heaps of resources and you have room to store them do it”, well I have been and have a great collection. I guess 20 years later I am accumulating resources on the computer or ipad and storing them safely for use with study and the children I work with, USB’s everywhere maybe if I download everything.

Really I am still collecting resources just storing them differently and I don’t have to lug heavy resource books around to access information, a part of teaching in the 21st century. Managing Digital Clutter will be a helpful site thanks Tessa, I know my USQ folders are so full and I really should fix them, I save something and search for quite awhile to access what I want. I may need some decluttering with my ‘old’ resources and ‘new’ resources.


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