Yes technology and reflection are amazing!

All my negative thoughts and fears,  as I have written previously I use search engines, facebook and other apps, not to mention the games I play on my iphone or ipad. It gets me thinking why my kids are so tech savy? After doing the modules on connect.ed and writing this blog it makes me understand that I have protected my children and taught them the correct use of ICT, they can turn if off and walk away, if anything is distasteful or harmful they will discuss it – thank goodness ( I do understand that I am not told everything, but if they are affected by something they will tell me). To have a 17 year old who may access facebook every blue moon or a 15 year old to just have a chat with a friend every now and then knowing the benefits of social media and to use it appropriately,  perhaps my fear should run away, I have perhaps helped and protected them with the use of ICT for the 21st century. I’m attempting to get the positive from all this and guess what – I am achieving this through my reflections. After all as a teacher reflection is an important tool.

So my reasoning behind this blog is look at what you can find when you search, so much information for so many things, I found this site involving some games for children regarding protection of our sea life. I enjoyed playing it, unfortunately I couldn’t put an app on my ipad to take to work for the kids. But what I can take from this I can create an experiment with my children.


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