Moving on, assignment 3! comments, “I’m pretty nervous for my Assignment 3 because it is connected to my Professional Experience (PE). It has required us to prepare and implement the ICTs into the teaching in our real school context”, I to am feeling quite nervous about this assignment, my last prac I created and implemented lessons, which went well, I think this time it is ‘scarey’ because, well really after just writing that I have implemented lessons previously I’m not so sure I’m that nervous, or is it just because it is ICT? Anyway thanks Shireen for expressing your feelings, sometimes I think no-one else has these fears.  I am glad you have a great mentor, as mine and her colleagues are at my setting. We just need to get into it and begin. I will find out more on Tuesday from my mentor what they use, so I should be feeling a little less nervous after then. Let’s hope!


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