Reflection, Reflection!

Reflecting on our practices is an important tool, however using those around us will be an effective tool for our practices, “All teachers can develop habits of mind conducive to effective decision making. Reflection is a skill that is best fostered with colleagues. Coworkers who demonstrate expertise in posing and solving problems often prove to be good mentors. They usually have the ability to listen analytically—focusing on key information that helps clarify what needs to be explored—and they have expanded repertoires of options”, “With deliberate thinking, an educator purposefully seeks more information than the immediate context provides by, for example, revisiting theory, talking with colleagues, interviewing students or reviewing student records. The goal is to learn more to better understand the dilemma”. I will want my students to learn, for this to happen productively and effectively I will need to continue learning about myself my thoughts, ideas, practices to provide my students with the right learning tools for them.


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