Well this was a very interesting exercise, it made me more aware of the importance, I suppose to young people of social networking. I know I have a negative feel towards it, but it is here to stay, I use it – regularly. Why do I find it hard to accept as a positive teaching/learning/social tool? Am I afraid of it?

The four modules gave me an insight into the positives and also how to combat the negatives of  social networking and what I can do as a parent/teacher to use it in the curriculum and teach students how it can be used as a positive tool. I think it is like any of the issues brought up in study, when I am in the ‘real world’ of teaching my perspective will change – it will have to and that is ok, it is life for our children today. So thanks to connect.ed I will have many ideas and strategies to be able to help students make the right choices in their use of social networks.


The 5E’s

I am using the 5e’s for my unit topic as well and found this article from I think I am one of those learners who is visual and found the resource useful, I have read other ways of putting the 5E’s but thank you for adding this one in, it will be a part of my ‘toolbelt’ something I need to create for another unit of study.

I find reading and reading documents helpful but find this kind of visual resources to be more effective for my learning. I often wonder why my schooling wasn’t so great, well we all had to learn the same way the same things. For my other unit I am studying we had to describe a teacher we had who had an impact on our learning. I had a teacher from year 4 – 7 who was incredible even back in the late 70’s he saw us as individuals who learnt differently, maybe my passion for teaching came from him!!

Another amazing person who did not succeed at schooling but made it anyway through the arts quoted as below,  ‘Bruce Springsteen on Education: posted in AffinitiesDifferentiated LearningLearningSchool CultureStudent Strengths,Student Weaknesses by . This  Bruce Springsteen quote is from an old video interview, which was reported on author David Shenk’s Genius Blog. The image was put together by the folks over at We Are Teachers’.



Well I think I am getting there, finally I seem to be getting the grasp of things in this assignment.  Thinking of ICT to use and how, just finding it confusing to put it all down, the ideas are there.

I am also finding this unit plan template confusing there is an example of a unit plan on QSA I find is easy to understand. I suppose we need to explore other ways of doing things, but when I finally get to teach the QSA examples would be good to use or perhaps my school setting will have their own. It is getting me thinking I guess about different ways, but I have always found USQ lesson templates. this site I found on one of our example assignments and I like the word cloud, I have been using it myself for ideas I have at work with the children when we have an interest.


A Forgotten Tool

Thanks to Bec for her A list of All the Best ipad Apps teachers need. I came across this awhile ago and downloaded some apps on the ipad and forgot I had it, to many gadgets I think! Do I need the various pieces of technology floating around being able to access internet from each one, makes me wonder just a simple phone to ring from sounds so kind of peaceful?

I downloaded the apps for the children I work with as our computers have very limited games etc, I know they will find the science 360 app very interesting to view, as we are currently observing the changes to the fruit trees in our playground and we all love sitting as a group and watching the Honeyeater birds at our grevillea flowers, science is a very interesting topic at the moment.

I think they will also like the I Tell A Story app, the children love to ‘write’ their own stories with pictures. Thanks again Bec for reminding me I had this.


Camera’s and ICT I like your Thinking Out of the Box idea of using a digital camera for your assignment plan.
I am using digital camera’s in my unit of work as well but wondering should I? The children would gain alot of using a camera themselves, downloading and changing the image. I work with 3-5 year olds and when the camera comes out you are swarmed by the children, they want to use it, show them the picture, watch how to download the photo and they are even interested in watching how the photo prints.
Just putting all these ideas down has made me aware of the learning of ICT with a digital camera and using one for a unit of work will be effective for many learning experiences. Let’s hope anyway if my assignment can be meaningful, fingers crossed.

Getting there!

Well trying to catch up on study desk this weekend, I have found it difficult to fit it all in the past two weeks,and now I am behind and I don’t like that feeling, the pressure starts to mount. I understand the importance for this unit for us learn about the importance of ICT but when you have to keep this learning journal and be assessed on it I find this hard, some weeks with family illness, your own illness and just life you can’t do what you need to do. I don’t think in life today we need added pressures!! Just my thought, I suppose that is what this is all about!
Last week I ‘liked’ this page on facebook which a friend teaching in Scotland ‘liked’, called Teach Starter and I have found the resources on there great she uses alot of these in her ‘new’ classroom. Just one of many things I like is how they have a season poster which is especially for Australia’s seasons, it wasn’t long ago that the seasons we read about were not for our season cycle, so it is great to see more and more of these resources adapted for Australia.

Recently the centre I work in had a new playground created, it is wonderful, we have ‘real’ grass, garden beds, dirt patch, sand, climbing hill, the children love it. Each day they are exploring different aspects of it and the games that are created are incredible. Especially the garden beds – which appear to be good bunkers for hiding behind! Debbie Vince’s comment “I find myself having a passion for creating learning spaces which promote children’s understanding in caring for their environment, particularly connecting children with nature”, is so true when we have a real environment to explore and to have created in my case. Each day it is wonderful to wander the garden beds and talk about the plants we have growing and to see the children’s faces when they notice plants growing, some children can tell me know the names of our plants and we all know that you do not plant tomato’s where we live in winter, “Jack Frost killed them it is to cold”. Our builders planted these but it has been a good lesson for us the keep notes on what to plant when. When our deciduous plants begin to grow spring blossoms this will be an amazing topic to witness. With all this in mind I have decided and my prac placement agreed I will be doing a science unit, just what I’m not sure.

Right or Wrong?

I know we are in an ICT society and it is here to stay. But after watching the video from, it re-enforces some of my thoughts regarding ICT and our children.

Just watching the video you could tell the difference in the babies sitting staring at an ipad compared to the two sitting with stacking blocks with wide inquisitive eyes with smiles. Doesn’t the facial expressions and body posture on those in the video indicate the differences of ICT to those without ICT appearing to be more in control of their lives. Yes ICT is here, so what it comes down to is teaching our children the safe and best practice use of these for our children to be productive, positive and self confident people.

I just know the change in my two children when we have had no ICT for one week, they are more social and happy to interact, even they have commented on the differences, but what to do when they need these for school and homework, how can you say to a year 12 student enough is enough when they have 8 assessments in two weeks!

The dilema of it all!!

Still Getting There!

Thanks to justs76 blog page,  for this help page. I find it confusing to navigate my way around all the instructions and pages, trying and trying. Thank goodness for a notepad to write my user and passwords down – how many now? And thank goodness for a 15year old who has a memory that never faulters to save me when I feel like it is all not working.